A silver spoon in every baby's mouth

The perfect baby gift

Jesse-International is proud to present the newest addition to our line for the newest addition to your family. Celebrate the wonder of a new-born baby with a uniquely original, solid sterling silver spoon. Available now in the Jewelry Collection Gallery the Akira, D'yana, and Dashiell can be purchased with a gorgeous bezel set birthstone of your choice.

Akira D'Yana Dashiell

Choose your birthstone

From the shimmering Topaz of November to May's mysterious Emerald, customize Akira, D'yana & Dashiell with the baby's birthstone set in a stunning silver bezel. Whether you're giving the spoon as a gift or starting a keepsake collection for your baby, this is truly a unique and indivdual piece you can proudly pass down from generation to generation.

I bought Jesse's Dashiell baby spoon for my nephew, Bradley. He is a precious, little Virgo born on September 4th just this year! So, I ordered the Dashiell with a sapphire–the birthstone of September. Bradley is just starting to use it, and he loves to hold it by the ring.

Michelle Feingold
Los Angeles

A brief history of the baby spoon

The earliest spoons were made of wood, the word spoon, in fact, deriving from the Anglo-Saxon spon, "a chip of wood." Until the last century most people used pewter spoons, but traditionally godparents have given the gift of a silver spoon to their godchildren at christenings and baby showers. Jesse first made the "Akira" spoon as a gift for a friend's new-born baby. He has always been interested in making jewlery that bridges the gap of time. "I couldn't stop thinking about what a great gift these would make and how they looked like they were for royalty", explains the artist. And with his Silver Baby Spoon line, Jesse has sought to bring this rich tradition to everyone.