"Fashion Tips From Cupid" - Philadelphia City Paper

Margit Detweiler gives mention to the artist, Jesse Lee Jacobs' "fabulous silver" in the Naked City column of the Philadelphia City Paper

February 11–18, 1999

Sick of the old Whitman's Sampler, dozen red roses, pre-fab greeting card Valentine's Day routine? Yeah, me neither. But if you do want to get something more unique, maybe even for yourself, try Traveling Wares' "Cupid's Gifts of Love," the Valentine edition of their wearable art show and sale. This time the roving band of craftspeople will set up shop at the 700 Club, happy-hour time, on Saturday. Highlights include Jody Sweitzer's funky colored-plastic rings; Nickolette Phillips' hats for the last bit of winter and silk hats for spring; Jesse Lee Jacobs and Susan Morris' fabulous silver, Angela Ricci's hand-dyed handbags; mosaics from Mike Smash and handmade books by Minna Aaparyti.

-Margit Detweiler

Source: http://citypaper.net