Keyboard Magazine Reviews Lost N Space

Lost N Space gets written up in Keyboard September 2003

Check out page 8 "In Review". There is a picture of the album cover and the article reads:

"Wil Robinson vs Jesse & The Plastic Cats, Lost in Space. The title to this disc may give you the idea that this is a far out musical space odyssey, and you'd be partially right. Replete with synthesizer squirts, squiggles, and oscillations, Lost in Space is a feast of retro-futuristic rock featuring the singing and spoken word of Jesse Lee Jacobs amidst the adventurous production of Wil Robinson. A fat Novation K-Station and a vintage Minimoog provide grooves and melodies through epic pieces like " Revolution" and "You'll Never Know," uncorking some multi-layered madness around creative structural arrangements. It's hard to categorize songs such as "Instinct is Lost," with its haunting piano and dimensional synth orchestration, and the album cultivates a fresh unexpectedness that commercial radio has bled from mainstream music. But most importantly, underneath the tripped-out production stands some creative songwriting and lyrical work that reveal the depth of Jacobs mind and soul. Let's hope these Plastic Cats don't remain lost in space too long!"

-Robbie Gennet, Keyboard Magazine