Hand crafted jewelry made just for you by the artist

People take for granted where their jewelry comes from and how it is made. As our society begins to see the down side of being led by just one notion: "just look for what is the least expensive and buy it." We are not just starting to see the erosion of the quality of products in the United States, we are also seeing the extreme dangers of so called, "globalization". As a people we need to take a closer look at what we support.

Custom jewelry proudly made in the USA

That was just to preface the fact that all Jesse-international jewelry is made in the United States. Some parts are casted but, every finished piece of jewelry is hand crafted by Jesse Lee Jacobs in Los Angeles, California.

This section of the website is designed to show you Jesse's studio, and even give you some insight into how he creates these one-of-a-kind pieces.