Jewelry Tutorials

Jesse Creates A Ring

Jesse Lee Jacobs creates a ring from scratch in this video


September 22, 2003

In 2003, I decided to show the sequence of events of making a ring through a new-found medium for me: film.

I captured with my camera hundreds of different perspective shots of cutting the ring out, soldering, filing, polishing, and bezel setting a lapis lazuli. Spliced together this metalsmithing video footage with my own original score as a back drop. With a mini dv camera, remote control, and a bunch of make shift camera mounts I filmed a process that takes a couple of hours, and edited it down to a 9 minute 11 second movie. I recently revisited this in an in-depth tutorial: "How To Make a Ring With Bezel Setting."


  • 18 Gauge Sterling Silver Sheet
  • Fine Silver Bezel Wire
  • Cabochon, Jesse used a 20 mm Hematite
  • Medium Sterling Wire Solder
  • Flux
  • Pickling Acid or Pickle
  • Tripoli Compound
  • Red Rouge Compound


  • A Jeweler Saw
  • Jeweler saw blades for this size metal you'll need size #1/0 or #1
  • Bench Pin
  • Flat Jewelry Pliers
  • Eye-dropper or Small Brush
  • Soldering pad
  • Copper tongs
  • Tweezers
  • A Crock-pot or Potpourri Pot
  • Metal Scribe or Sharpie Marker
  • Rectangle Flat Metal File
  • Metal Shears
  • Anvil or Hard Steel Surface
  • .925 stamp
  • Log
  • Ball-Peen Hammer
  • Raw Hide or Nylon Mallet
  • Ring Mandrill
  • Acetylene B-tank and Torch
  • Torch Striker
  • Polishing Wheel
  • Hard, Medium, and Soft Buffs
  • 3 Sided Scraping Tool
  • Bezel Pusher or Roller