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Sleek Bangle

Sleek sterling silver bangle bracelet incorporating, alluring elements of 14 karat gold.
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Triple Pyramid

Triple Pyramid is a black leather cuff bracelet with a Rainbow Fluorite pyramid set in sterling silver, surrounded on either side with two smaller crystal pyramids also beautifully set in sterling silver.
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A Cog

A Cog is a sterling silver and leather bracelet.
For those of you who ask the question, which one are you ?
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Pyramid is a leather patch work, sterling silver, and crystal bracelet that's gorgeous.
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Bound Digs

Bound Digs is a 2 inch wide, dark brown suede, cuff bracelet - adjustable to 2 sizes with a snap closure. Beautifully bold an simplistic sterling silver center piece that is bound to strike interest.
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Passion Cycle

Is a sterling silver cuff bracelet. The thickness is probably 1 and a 1/4 inches wide. Inspired by passion.
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Hematite Muscle Cuff

Hematite muscle cuff was inspired by the Hematite Muscle ring. As seen in Muscle & Fitness magazine August 2004 issue. Organic hematite wrapped in a sexy sterling bezel, above a leather cuff with adjustable snap closure for a one size fits all feature. Each cuff will be slightly different then the picture due to the organically shaped stones, no two stones from the earth are identical.
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Worldly Here

A 1/2 inch thick, sterling silver cuff with a lovely bezel set turquoise.
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Full Count

Leather cuff bracelet 1 and 3/4 inch wide oval picture jasper with leather draw strings to tie.
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This Leopard Jasper set beautifully in steriling silver sits on 2 inch wide leather cuff.
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Past Cuff

Hand-forged, hammered sterling silver. Past Cuff measures about 1/8 inch wide. Simple elegance with an edge.
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Number Three

A sleek, sterling silver cuff adorned by a geometrically organic centerpiece inspired by the number three.
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Love Cuff I

This first of the Love Cuff series showcases a hematite center stone and flowing sterling silver cuff.
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Love Cuff II

The second Love Cuff incorporates red crystal as the centerpeice of a dynamic sterling cuff.
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Love Cuff III

The final piece in the Love Cuff series is graced with a shimmering peridot set in sterling silver.
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Grain Cuff

A hand wrought sterling silver cuff featuring hammered edges embraces the natural complexity of wood grain.
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Balanced Organic Symmetry

A beautiful, solid cuff, cast in 1/2 inch sterling silver, Balanced Organic Symmetry represents the overview of a hand - unified; balanced.
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Picture Jasper

A 2 inch wide leather cuff holds a breathtaking picture jasper in a silver bezel. The cuff closes with two unique leather drawstrings embellished with silver beads.
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A beautiful circular centerpiece on a leather cuff measuring 1 1/2 inches wide. Adjustable via 2 snaps for perfect fit.
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A breath taking solid quartz centerpiece sites atop a 1 1/2 inch wide leather cuff adjustable via 2 snaps.
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